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Sunil Kumar Khadka, alaska7_sunil@yahoo.com  
I am one of the oldest clients of Neil Consultancy and have lodged all my applications including student Visa, temporary Residence visa and Permanent Residence through this company. I have always had a good relationship with the company and trust them completely. With each application lodgment, my relationship with the members of this company grew and I could approach them without any hesitation or worries regarding my application. I feel that Neil consultancy and the team behind it are hardworking, professional yet humble people under their guidance and advice all my applications have been successfully lodged and granted. Likewise, I recently submitted a 190- NSW State sponsorship application for Permanent Residency which was granted within little time. I would strongly recommend Neil consultancy to my friends and family as they have helped me all the way. They have provided me accurate and worthy information each time, have guided me and have handled each of my cases with diligence and professionalism. I never had to worry or deal with all the paperwork as it was all taken care of. I am thankful to Niraj and his team and am happily settled here with my PR. I wish Neil consultancy all the best for the future and hope they do well. Regards Sunil Kumar Khadka
Upakar Regmi, upakar_26@hotmail.com  
My name is Upakar Regmi and I am currently employed as a customer service manager for a Swift cleaning and restorations company in Adelaide. I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Mr. Niraj Shrestha for the efficient and professional service he provided in helping me obtain my 457 . He kept me updated on all developments of my visa application; it is this transparency and easy-reach which was very comforting to me and my employer . I'm very much pleased with service your team provided and the manner you attended to us during the course of the visa application which only demonstrated your utmost professionalism. Neel migration and education services helped us with the full 457 visa process. They made a complex process smooth and easy, carefully explaining all aspects as we went along. Their clear communication and processes made them a pleasure to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone needing help with the Australian immigration process. With Regards
Regan Maharjan, 10/52 Hornsey Street  
A big thank you to the team at Neel Migration and Education services who helped me obtain permanent residency status this year. They were extremely helpful, knowledgable and up to date with all the current legislation and changes to visa grants. The team are very professional and have reasonable prices for their services and communicated with me regularly throughout the process. I highly recommend using their services.
Renuka Pathak, renypathak@gmail.com  
I am Renuka Pathak, a Nepalese citizen and a permanent resident of Australia. Like others, I had a same dream and thoughts when I came to Australia. Due to lack of immigration rules and frequent changes, it was very hard to process our visa towards permanent residency. I applied my Temporary residence in 2009.Because of my relationship breakdown with my former husband, my application was rejected. I was totally upset and frustrated. I had no idea what to do next. I was visiting migration offices here and there to get proper advices. In the mean time, one of my relative brothers referred me to Zenith Immigration services (now Neil Consultancy).I came to know about Niraj dai from that day. He went through my case very deeply and suggested me to apply for MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) and we did the same. Unfortunately, MRT tribunal affirmed the decision made by DIBP and I did not have any hope that I could pursue further. On one hand, I was totally alone due to several personal issues in my life and on another hand, my visa issues was giving me more pressure. I was completely pessimistic. I could not return back to Nepal loosing everything. I was emotionally depressed. All my dreams went in vain. One day, Mr. Niraj rang me to visit his office. Even though I had not seen any future prospects here, I went to see him. He gave me one option to request Minister to intervene and ask for a favorable decision. I had never heard such option before. It is very rare that the visa applicants request their visa through ministerial intervention because the prospect of success is very rare. Niraj dai handled the case in a very sensitive manner. Whatever he requested, I had provided him as much I could. He was in frequent touch with department. Ministerial intervention team enquired and requested much information which I had not expected. He was dealing with them on my behalf .Finally after nearly 1 and half year, Niraj dai got a call from them saying that the decision was made on the basis of documents submitted. I was very pessimistic when he said the decision has been made. After couple of days, Niraj dai rang me again and asked me to visit him. After all, everything was over. I went there to have final chat with him. Surprisingly, he was laughing at me. I did not understand the meaning. He loudly said that I was granted permanent residency. Oh my god! It was never expected. I was very lucky to be granted permanent visa by the Federal Minister directly. I could not express how happy I was. I again started to hope for future then. What Niraj dai did for me and how he treated me on my those crucial days, can never be forgotten. It was his hard dedication and patience, I am proudly here today as a permanent resident of Australia. I heartily thank him and am always grateful to him. I recommend all my relatives and friends to visit his office, Neil Consultancy for any sorts of visa issues. Neil Consultancy is the best!!! Regards, Renuka Pathak
Samip Mehar Shrestha, sym_sery@yahoo.com  
I would like to heartily thank Niraj dai for his great support and guidance .I came in Australia in 2008 on student visa.I had lots of difficulties during that time and luckily I came to know Niraj dai through one of my friends.I found him a very professional.He not only treated me as his client but also like a brother.Whenever I got a issue or confusion,Niraj dai sorted out it very easily regardless of time and days. When I went in relationship ,Niraj dai suggested me to apply for partner visa.I had no idea about the immigration rules and criteria.He guided me in each and every steps of the process.I did not feel any problems throughout the process.It went so smooth like student visa extension. Finally,I was recently granted provisional partner visa in 7 months.I had not expected that my application would be finalized so quickly.Many of my friends and his clients have been waiting for visa for last 10 months and they have not even heard back anything from immigration about their progress.I felt so lucky.It is all due to his proper guidelines and support.Kudos to whole Neel Migration team and especially Niraj dai.I will definitely recommend everyone to visit Neel Migration if anyone has issues or difficulties about their visa. Thanks Niraj Dai. Regards, Samip Mehar Shrestha sym_sery@yahoo.com 0401583220
Anna Rzewnis and Grzegorz Rzewnis, arzewnis@gmail.com  
I have been living in Australia for nearly 7 years and my way to become a permanent resident was not easy. Mr. Niraj Shrestha service was suggested by my best friend who also was his client before and she had very positive opinion about him. I would like to mention that I gained information regards my situation from other migration agents and unfortunately they were not very optimistic. Finally I have decided that I need somebody who has knowledge in specific area and resolved similar case before. Mr. Niraj Shrestha helped me finalize skill assessment from ANMAC and when I received positive response he continued with application for permanent residency. I was impressed by his fast and effective service. His knowledge and experience allowed us to receive positive outcome in incredibly short period of time. We are really appreciated to Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his team for their dedication and effort which they put on my case. I wish him all the best in the future. If anyone ever asks us about migration quires we do not hesitate to suggest Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his team. Anna Rzewnis ( Registered Nurse) and Grzegorz Rzewnis Granted visa subclass 189 on 26th March 2014.
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