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Md Arif Hossain Khan, rimon_hk@yahoo.com  
First of all, I would like to thanks Neel Migration and their team. They are respectful, friendly and talented. Neel Migration is more than just educational service. They are a coach and mentor to me. I appreciate for their migration service. Mr. Niraj Shastha has lots of patience to work with clients. He has been a good role model for me. I have faced many issues while my 457 visa was terminated and then I could find the information about Neel Migration. Especially I spoke with Niraj Shrestha and he shows me the right way to go and provide me a proper guidance as well. More over Neel Migration is able to talk with any employer about helping their clients. Also I got my spouse visa through Mr Niraj Shrestha. I believe that plenty of clients can get benefits from what they do. Because of consultant and very professional behaviors, their services have been awesome and especially for me you were a right choice. I am very happy to continue any further services with Neel Migration in my life. Finally, I would like to thanks Pragun Subadi who helped me a lot during my visa procedure. Once a again a big THANKS for their valuable services. Best Regards, Md Arif Hossain Khan Tel- 0430428334 E-mail- rimon_hk@yahoo.com 05th of March 2014
Suman Shrestha, dawn_suman@hotmail.com  
I feel proud to recommend everyone to do their educational and migration services with Neel Migration.It is not because I did it from them.It is because of their excellent services,well professional behaviors and patience in working.I had applied for my permanent visa back in 2011 and till the time my visa was granted,I never needed to worry about the process.The way Niraj dai handled the case was exceptional.I learnt to keep patience from him.He is so professional in his work that I never had to worry about the documents. Today,I got my permanent residency visa of Australia.I am soon getting married and I will lodge her partner visa too through Neel Migration.Thanks Niraj dai and the team for the whole process and keeping my dream alive in this Aussieland. Kudos to all whole Neel Migration Team and I wish you guys keep continuing such amazing services and communication with your clients. Suman Shrestha Ph:0416304500 Dawn_suman@hotmail.com 10/02/2014
Deependra Sapkota, everdipen@gmail.com  
I was let down by one of the so called leading migration services in Nepal. It took more than seven month just to get my skill assessment from them. They were delaying to launch my application even after getting skill assessment. I was totally upset by their procrastinated service and moreover DIAC was about to launch new immigration rules from July 2011. I was in the rift of dilemma and could not find the right way. Finally, I decided to void my process with them. I was wandering here and there for the right solution. Fortunately, I got the contact details of Mr. Niraj Shrestha from one of my relative. I immediately sent him a mail with my details and straightforward I got reply from him with the only possible visa option that I can go with. Finally, I decided to go with Neel Migration and Education Services. I got true professionalism in their services. Mr. Niraj is so concise and perfect about his immigration services that anyone can trust his organization. Throughout the process they kept me informed of what the next stages were, the time scales for getting everything processed and provided me with templates to gather the correct information. They helped me to collate and amend all the documentation required and put together an application that left nothing to answer. They were in regular contact with me, told me to keep alert about possible inquiry from immigration and also informed any changed circumstances to immigration to enable the application to be as concise and stress free as possible. After all, I got my visa within the specified time without any cumbersome process. I would recommend their services to anyone who is having difficulty in finding the right visa option and getting together the right documents or who is generally lost in the world of ever changing Australian immigration processes. Regards, Deependra
Saraswoti Chapagai(Bhattarai), NSW,Australia  
I would like to give thank Neel Migration and the team for helping me solve all visa issues.Niraj dai suggested me in my worst moments.I had no choice than extending my student visa because of IELTS score.I was so hopeless and stressed.Niraj dai suggested me to sit for OET and finally I got B in all bands.My TR was approved in this early 2013.I have not imagined that I would be a permanent resident so quickly.Niraj dai rang me and informed me that I was eligible to apply for NSW state sponsorship and with his proper guidelines and supports,I am today here as permanent resident of Australia. I heartily thank the whole NMES team to fulfil my dream.I will never forget your co-operation and optimistic suggestions.Your response even after office hours without any hesitation is highly appreciable.I would recommend everyone to visit Neel Migration once and you will know the service. Thank you so much Niraj Dai and Pragun Subedi for your help.
Lucky Dangol & Supriti Lama, luckydangol101@hotmail.com  
First of all we would like to thank you Neel Migration. I am Lucky and i came to Australia in 2008 as student to study Masters of Accounting and my wife Supriti Lama joined me in 2010. After finishing my study we always struggle lot get my permanent residency and always seek profession help from migration agent but it seems like was never going to happen until we got to know about Neel migration through some friends of ours who were able to acquire their permanent residency through Neel migration. We went to some of migration consultants but were not able to get proper advice on how to apply for permanent residency. We did not expect the processing to be such a smooth sailing by the help of our very competent consultants. We received proper guidance and our consultants were very patient with us and it all went smooth and very quick than we expected. Once again we would like thank you Neel dai and Pragun Subedi. Wish them happy tihar. thanks a lot.
Rajani Manandhar, rocksabin@gmail.com  
Thank you for an awesome support from Neel migration & Education Services to help us out with our visa application, and we wanted you to know how pleased we are with your service. Millions of THANK YOU will also be less to describe your help and the support which you gave us to gain our Australian permanent residency. People have been waiting for months and months…but I cant imagine approval of my residency application in such a short period of time. You have been more than just a consultant to us, since you also made us your services available, after office hours too, which shows your accommodating nature and giving out of the way client services…Once again a big THANKS and Hats off to you and your invaluable services!!! Anybody wishing to file your residency application, Do So through Neel Migration & Education Services. I hope that you continue helping people whose dream it is to call this wonderful land their home.
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