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shreestina shelalik, rockdale  
I would like to share my gratitude to Neel migration for helping me to get my PR. I was really stunned by his professional service as Mr Niraj Shrestha and Mr Pragun Subedi always took me to the right path. Your expertise and professionalism in handling very critical situation have been invaluable. Your ability to get the work done in the right time is inspirational to all of us and also it has been great support for my future and i can look forward to it. I truly appreciate your support and professionalism. Shreestina Shelalik Central Queensland University.
jeevan khadka, brisbane  
First of all i would like to thank to neel migration team for great effort and service that was provided for us. I heard about neelmigration through my friend and i contacted Niraj ji. I took service from neelmigration for our student visa, skill assesment, TR and finally PR it was a long journey. I recommend neelmigration for everyone i know best place to get good service and proper information.
deep, deepshali3@yahoo.com  
first of all thanks nirajji and pragun bhai for helping me in getting 457 visa. it was miracle that happens in my case with out you guys it is totally impossible. you guys did magic so i recommend every body to follow him for the migration and education . he is the best . he take every case as his own case and fight till the last movement and come out with positive result . once again thanks very much for your help.
Sunil Pant, sunil_pant6@hotmail.com  
First of all I would like to thank Neel Migration team for helping us to get our PR. I had been to lots of other Migrating agents looking for a way out to apply for my PR but they were unable to show me any ways. My sister in law told me about Niraj Ji, I thought why don't I give a try as I had nothing to loose. After talking to Niraj Ji I had some hope as he showed us some ways. Once he started the process it just went so smoothly that in 3 months I got my PR. It was simply unbelievable. In such a short period of time he just made it possible. I would like to recommend Neel Migration to all the friends out there looking to apply for PR or any other visas as they are the best in their job and I'm for sure they will not let anyone down with their hard work and effort to get the best result in a short period of time. Thank you Niraj Ji and Pragun Ji for all your hard effort and time for helping us to achieve our dream. All the best in the future N keep up the good work you guys are doing helping all the people like us out there to make their dreams come true... Thank you once again Sunil & Durga...
John Kouhis, info@iccleaners.com.au  
I came to know Neel Migration & Education Services through our employer Mr.Bir Bahadur Gurung.We were considering of sponsoring Mr.Bir Bahadur Gurung who is a citizen of Nepal under subclass 457 visa.Mr.Bir said that he has been consulting with Mr.Niraj Shrestha of Neel Migration regarding the docs and how the business can sponsor the foreign workers.I then contacted him to guide us about the requirement and criteria the business must fulfil before being eligible to sponsor foreign workers................. We had some hiccups regarding the salary as the case officer was asking us to justify the salary we offered to Mr.Bir,Mr.Niraj did a good research and convinced DIAC that the salary ICC Cleaners provide is within the market salary rate and above TSMIT.Finally the application got through without any hassle.He was our first employee to be sponsored by ICC cleaners Ptd Ltd.We thank Niraj Shrestha for his guidance and support and I feel no hesitation to recommend any employer who is thinking of sponsoring foreign workers .Mr.Bir has already started working with us as a Contract Administrator. Yours Faithfully, John Kouhis Director
Sarita & Bikash Shrestha, angelsari@hotmail.com  
We wanted to express our gratitude to Neel Migration team for helping us to get our 457 visa and then our PR. Thank u so so much Niraj Dai and Pragun for making 1 of our dream come true. You guys are simply awesome, so convenient and flexible. We know it must be hard to put up with us as we couldn't come to see you in the office hour and had to send documents through post. Niraj Dai even organised time to see us outside of office out of office hour just for our convenience hats off to you. Yes, we went to other Nepalese agents to find out about the processing and they said it's not possible, I have to wait for 1 more year. But Niraj Dai showed us the ways, gave us all the ideas how it is possible to get PR now which proves he is one of the best in the Job, so knowledgable and skillful. I highly recommend Neel Migration to all my friends and anyone I know. All the best to the team, keep doing the good work and for helping people to achieve their dream. Thank you once again Bikash & Sarita
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