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Norbu Sherpa, norbu.sherpa@gmail.com  
I was given Mr. Niraj Shrestha's reference by my uncle when I was planning to apply for the Permanent Residency Visa, under Electronics Engineer Occupation. It was August of 2009 and I had already given my IELTS exam. Since I was working at that time it was important that I had a good migration agent who could guide me correctly. Mr Niraj was of great help right from the start while applying for the recognition of my engineering degree from Engineers Australia. It was the big first step and I had to prepare a Competency Development Report and a lot of documents had to be arranged. Mr Niraj gave me insights into preparing it by provding sample copies of other successful candidates. After everything was ready Mr. Niraj applied to Engineers Australia mid of October. After a four months period there was a small hiccup but due to Mr. Niraj's help I rectified it and then my application was through with Engineers Australia. After that I applied for the Visa under the sponsored Visa subclass 176 as suggested my Mr. Niraj. He was of great help while applying, regarding the forms and the documents needed. After all his endeavors, I was granted the Visa during end of July." Thanks & Regards Norbu
Nirajan Shrestha, nirajan_ranasth@htomail.com  
I would like to heartily thank and share this happy moment with Neel migration and the team for helping me in preparing the documents and lodging my application for getting my TR and today after all those await I have received my TR . So, I could not stop myself from letting it go and here I would like to thank Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his assistance, Pragun for helping me in all the conditions. I would also like to inform my colleagues and friends to go and see Neel migration for any visa related issues. East or West, Neel migration is the best!!! Thanks Nirajan shrestha
Prashanta Singh, singhprashanta@hotmail.com  
Dear Sir, Thank you very very much for all your effort and support through out the process. Your hard work really paid. We are indebted for your guidance. We are extremely delighted to have you as our advisor. Now that our visa has been accepted we are excited to send our passports to Aus High commission in Delhi soon. We still haven't got Machine readable passports ( MRP ) system in Nepal. So, we will sent the existing passport and I guess when the new system comes we will have to resend the new passport once again for visa stamp. I will start searching for jobs online and hopefully I will succeed soon. Do we have to give any exams or interviews after we go to Aus in order to get my civil engineering degree recognized and search for jobs related to my profession? Regarding the visa, when will it be a permanent as it is written in the letter that it will be valid only up to 2015. Does the grant of Visa means that we are automatically eligible for citizenship or there is still other process to get one. It is also written that our medical insurance will not be covered since the visa is temporary, what suggestions will you give us regarding medical benefits? If we visit to Australia within 22nd Dec 2010 just for few days and return back will it still be valid up to 2015 and what effect will it have on getting citizenship? I guess these are lots of questions still unclear to us. Please excuse us for so many queries. Finally I would like to give our sincere thanks for all that you have done for us. Hope to meet you at Australia very very soon. Prashanta
Sanjeev Sharma, sanzeevg@yahoo.com  
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for your help and support which you gave me and my family to gain Australian permanent residency. Many people come to Australia as student and dream of obtaining permanent residency after completing studies and I was no exception. One of my friends recommended you for your professionalism and expertise in immigration rules and I consider myself very lucky to drop by in your office that day, I realised during our conversation that my friend was so true. It has been 4 years and I should admit that today I am in Australia, solely because of your efforts. Due to your immense knowledge of the immigration rules you told me that I am eligible to lodge the application for permanent residency before completing studies on the basis of my overseas work experience and qualification. You explained the visa process very clearly, gave me a list of things to do, documents to get and prepared the application with me step-by-step. I then applied for subclass 175 visa which was one of the visa subclass under GSM. Thanks to your work, visa was approved in record time. I hope that you continue helping people to fulfil their dream of migrating to this wonderful land, Australia and all the best wishes to you. I would have no hesitation in recommending your consultant to friends as I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for the work you has carried out. Sanjeev Sharma IT Professional, Brisbane
Iraj Babu Shrestha, i_raj25@hotmail.com  
I had known Mr. Niraj Shrestha personally for a several year mainly from the Nepalese community at Granville and especially from the weekend soccer games at Granville Park. Initially, when I was doing my engineering degree at University at Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2008, I was always concerned about my future - as in getting permanent residency; the rules were changing every 6 months, and it was really getting frustrating with all the changes they were making from 2008 until now especially the points system and sponsorship criteria. As I knew Mr. Niraj Shrestha was into the migration aspects including international student issues, I used to ask him several questions regarding immigration while I was in second year of my study. Back then he answered me all my queries and suggested me to focus in my study as I still had few more years to go. He also assured me that I will have no problem in future if I successfully completed my engineering degree. I vividly remember all his suggestions and I really appreciate all the information that he has been providing me as it has directly and indirectly helped me to be where I am today. After finishing my degree, I called him told him that I am finally done with my degree and now I needed him to assist me to sort out the immigration requirements. Mr. Niraj has been real helpful in assisting with my Temporary Residency application which I got within few months of applying followed by my Permanent Residency which I also received within few weeks. Both of the applications had barely any complications involved, and with the exceptional customer service of his associates, liaising and communicating were very effective. I would like to thank Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his associates involved who made life a lot easier during my application for my residency. Cheers, Iraj Babu Shrestha
Manil Hada, manil182@hotmail.com  
Like everyone, I was no different. Same dream, same goal. At the end of 2010 during the final semester of my Bachelor Degree I was aware that I would have to start my process for my residency soon after graduation. Likely, Graduation took place and I knew that I had to get hold of an agent to get through. With no surprise, there were many of them but one thing I was clear about was that I did not needed an agent with expertise, but I needed someone who could handle my case personally and had an open ear for all my problems if arises at all times. Referred through a brother I headed to Neel Migration. A ten minutes chat with Mr. Niraj Shrestha built hope in me and boosted my self-confidence that made me realized that achieving residency was not that hard as I expected. Needless to say, an IELTS score of 7 in each band was compulsory in my scenario. He asked me to join the Professional Year Course as well for additional points which I did. I felt really unlucky during my attempt in IELTS as I missed out with only .5 in reading in my first attempt where I had scored 7 and above in the rest of the modules. However, I was eligible to apply temporary residency and Mr. Niraj asked me if I wanted to get the Temporary residency quickly as well as I was so close to reaching the IELTS score. He handed me an approval of Temporary residency within 2 months of applying with surprise. As I was still running in an old rule, an approval of Temporary residency and an IELTS score of 7 would allow me to apply Permanent residency. But unlucky for me my second attempts for IELTS did not go out quite well which put me in the new rule of immigration. On the other hand, my professional course was running quite well. In the middle of my professional course a friend of mine insisted me to go for IELTS attempt again. It was hard for me as results would annoy me every time. Finally with seven attempts of IELTS I scored 7 in each band. But I still lacked 5points as I was under 25 which put me in dilemma again. But with the grace of god the new system of EOI (expression of interest) came in place where I could still put an application with 60 points. But with my temporary visa coming to an end, I had to apply a student visa for further stay. Mr. Niraj did put all his effort as he was clear about his plan in saving my educational fees. Likely, before the student visa was approved, an invitation from EOI was received which made me eligible to apply permanent residency finally. And with no more than 6 weeks of applying, I received my Permanent Residency on 7th of December 2012. A huge relief was felt and it was worth every struggle I did and every dollar spent to Neel Migration. Overall, for me it all about being patience as I knew that I was in safe hands of NMES. I will never forget all the help and guidelines received from Mr. Niraj Shrestha and I will always owe him a huge respect in the rest of my life.
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