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Sandeep Shakya, sandeep_shakya2008@hotmail.com  
Mr. Niraj Shrestha is an uncle of a friend of mine, who I used to share my apartment with, back in the days in Sydney. So, apparently I knew him from a long time back as we used to frequently meet and greet each other in Granville area. Those days I was pursuing my Bachelor of IT degree and I knew that he was an education consultant and a migration agent, so I had set up my mind that after my graduation I must seek some advices from him. Gradually, the time arrived and I finished my studies but by this time I found myself in a kind of dilemma, whether to pursue my studies through the Masters degree or apply for TR visa. I was seeking some advices from a professional person in Australian Immigration affairs and a person who can be my guardian. Now, this was the time that the acquaintance with him proved to be very crucial, worthy and became one of the milestones in my life. As soon as I managed to make a meeting with him in his city office, he not only solved all my queries about the procedures involved in applying the TR visa but furthermore, he enlightened my career path acting as an Elder Brother, I must say. Now, that I hold a TR visa and during the lengthy procedures of applying the visa he and his associates helped me a lot to overcome the hassle of paper works colliding with this busy lifestyle of Sydney. In fact, I should say that they assisted me a lot with the procedure so, I never felt burden from this busy lifestyle with the collision of the fact that I have to manage my time gathering and keeping track of immigration requirements, he and his associates took care of the latter part. Mr. Niraj Shrestha is not only confined within his office premises, whenever and wherever I catch up with him apart from his office premises he has been able to provide me suggestions about my career and further future and has been providing me all sorts of relevant informations about the Australian Immigration, solving all my queries and filling up the gap in between me and the lengthy procedure of it. So, I would rather like him to say my big Brother. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Niraj Shrestha and his associates for guiding me through this immigration procedures and making my life much easier with their valuable suggestions and advices and I continually seek advices from him throughout the venture awaiting ahead for me and that is not other than getting a permanent residency in Australia and securing my career and life.
Sandeep Shrestha, sandeepshtha@hotmail.com  
When I first met Niraj dai few years ago on my way to university, I thought he was a stranger to me. However I never knew he would be the man to get me permanent residency to Australia. He and his dedicated team has supported me all those years in Australia whether it was visa renew, TR or PR. After the completion of my Bachelors degree and professional year, I was struggling with my IELTS but then one day he rang me and informed me about the newly opened NSW state sponsorship. He and his team took my case seriously, wrote urgent letter for my CPA assessment which could take at least a week, and also chased case officer. I will always be thankful for his effort and wish him all the best. And whenever any person asks me about migration quires, I dont hesitate to suggest Mr. Niraj Shrestha. Regards, Sandeep Shrestha
Deepa Subedi/Aatma Ram Baral, yenra21@yahoo.com  
First of all I would like to thank Neel Migration team Niraj Dai and Pragun for providing excellent service to get our permanent residence so quickly & easily. The wonderful moment in life getting permanent residence so quickly all happened due to professionalism provided by Neel Migration. Thank you very much for handling our case. We dont have words to express how grateful we are. Once again big thanks and hats off to you and your team for making us Aussie mates in couple of months. With regards. Dipa and Atma
Gita Nepal Dhungana, gita_shriya55@yahoo.com   
In Australia we can meet plenty Nepalese agents but among them Neel Migration is my best. Niraj Dai helped me to get 457 visa for my whole family. I got my visa so quickly because of him and his dedicated team. Service is so good and they take our case so seriously which is good for us. I will always be thankful for his effort and wish him all the best and whenever any person asks me about migration queries. I don’t hesitate to suggest Mr. Niraj Shrestha Please feel free to contact me for any further information. Regards, Gita Nepal Dhungana
Pravesh Hirachan, pravedge2039@hotmail.com  
After trying to get 7 in IELTS for an eternity, I was frustrated with the results. Then I got the information about NSW State Sponsorship program. After juggling through many migration agents, one of my friends recommended me NIraj dai. After I met Niraj dai, I found in him a humble, honest and dedicated personality. He answered any queries I had and at any time. Once I called him at night (at about 9 PM)and yet he picked up my call and cleared my doubt. He also showed initiation whenever necessary. Niraj dai always showed me the right path. I am very much grateful to Niraj dai in mentoring me to get PR. I would also like to express my gratitude towards Pragun whose contributions were valuable in various ways. I would recommend anyone who is seeking assistance in migration problems to Niraj dai as I know him to be a dedicated and excellent migration agent. Sincerely yours, Pravesh Hirachan
Uttam Sadaula, uttam_sadaula@hotmail.com  
Dear Niraj, First of all, I would like to thank you for your support and guidance during my application for TR (temporary residence) and PR. I would nott be able to get to this stage without your support and advice. You lodged my application on time and updated me about the progress of my application. I did not believe when you rang me the Australian Government granted me a permanent visa back in October 2012.I applied my OR in September 2009 and I am professional cook. There were a lot of rumors that cook will not get PR. Mr.Niraj Shrestha clarified my concern and he told me since I had applied back in year 2009,it wont impact my application due to any further changes. Actually I went to a couple of Nepalese based agency in Sydney but I found Niraj shrestha honest and knowledgeable. So, I decided to lodge through Niraj and after I lodged TR, he called me nearly 6 months later that he can submit decision ready checklist so that my application can be processed quicker. I then went to his office and I signed the decision ready checklist. Surprisingly, I got my TR in less than 3 days after he sent immigration decision ready checklist. I could not believe it because some of my friends who had applied TR before me had not received any outcome from the department. I am now permanent residence of Australia. I am now married and Mr.Niraj Shrestha has lodged her application in New Delhi, India. I am waiting for my wife to come to Australia and I am sure Mr.Niraj Shrestha will do his best to get the visa for my wife. He has taken care of me very well and I found him very knowledgeable migration agent. I have no hesitation to recommend anyone to migration agent Mr. Niraj Shrestha and I am sure he will do his best to resolve any sort of migration issues. You can contact me on 0432663753 or email at uttam_sadaula@hotmail.com Thank You Uttam Sadaula
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